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A wonderful day in Ireland

The Best Time of Year for Hiking in Ireland

So, you’re planning a trip to Emerland Island? If so, you’re probably wondering what’s the best time of year to conduct such an adventure. And what an adventure it is! Ireland is one of the most scenic places on the map. Besides lush natural landscapes, it has a history that can’t be told over a cup of tea or a pint of Guinness. However, that won’t be the topic of today’s article: we’ll talk about enjoying the island’s beautiful outdoors. In the text you’re about to read, we’ll show everything you need to know about hiking in Ireland, emphasising the seasons and their potential effect on your trip.

What’s so special about hiking in Ireland?

Before we kick-start our talk on the weather and the seasons, let’s cover some of the most interesting facts about hiking in the Emerald Isle. If you were to ask experienced hikers to tell you their favourite spot in Europe, they’d most probably say it’s Ireland. That’s all thanks to the island’s fantastic coastal cliffs, phenomenal (family-friendly) trials, and some good old variety of terrain and natural scenery. Basically, there’s something for everyone. As a place “crowded” with natural beauty, Ireland is a dream come true for any nature lover that likes to traverse it on foot. It’s probably the best way to experience it: getting close to it as much as possible. Let’s see how you can make your hiking trip to Ireland an unforgettable one!

The best season(s) for hiking in Ireland

Most people are afraid that rain will somehow ruin their trip. That’s fine and expected, given that the island can get quite rainy. However, it’s a bit hard to predict how rainy it will get since you’ll have to book a tour in advance. And the forecast isn’t really going to help you with that. Therefore, one should turn to statistics. May is among the drier months, just before peak tourist season. You’ll save some funds, too. Not to mention that you’ll get to enjoy lovely long days. Okay, that’s just one opinion. Let’s listen to others.

Here’s the thing: the best time to go hiking in Ireland depends on what kind of terrain you want to tackle. If you’re opting for more challenging terrain or exploring remote trails, most would suggest you go for late summer to autumn. Any month between August and October should be fine. You’ll get to enjoy the island in its most beautiful and colourful outfit. This is not bad advice if you’re also looking for the best season to relocate to Ireland. Even though moving is not as arduous a task as hiking or climbing, it’s also a stressful experience. So instead of wasting your time and stressing over small things, make your move easier by hiring a team of experts. While they help you pack and relocate, you can browse all the beautiful destinations you want to visit in Ireland.

The Cliffs of moher
There’s no need to emphasize the island’s beauty.

Wait, should I be worried about rainfall?

Well, rainfall is present throughout the whole year. You shouldn’t worry about something unavoidable. That being said, you should definitely pack an umbrella or raincoat in your luggage. Besides heavy rain, Ireland is known as the home of strong winds. Therefore, opting for waterproof clothing is a must if you’re planning to hit the trails present on the Emerald Isle.