Slow Down on a Guided Wicklow Walk


Slow Down on a Guided Wicklow Walk

Wicklow, a land blessed by endless natural beauty and graced by warm people. Walking in Wicklow is a gift, whether you follow the trails that traverse Ireland’s largest national park or wander across fields of wildflowers and mossy grass. There’s no need to follow a map when you can follow the scented trail of yellow gorse and purple heather instead.

There is something truly rejuvenating and refreshing about a day out in the wild natural beauty of Wicklow Mountains National Park, just south of Dublin. At Footfalls Walking Holidays, we’ve spent the last three decades sharing our beautiful backyard with walkers from all over the world. Born and raised amidst this Wicklow beauty, guiding folks to our favourite places and views is our greatest joy. We would be delighted to have you join us.

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Get to Know Wicklow Mountains National Park

Ireland’s largest national park is the ideal rural escape from Dublin on a day trip. It’s also the perfect 2-night inclusion on an Ireland country tour; add a truly blissful experience in our wild natural splendour to break up your city adventures! With miles and miles of trails to follow, you’ll never tire of the beautiful views even if you tire out your legs.

Known as the Garden of Ireland, Wicklow Mountains National Park boasts incredible diversity of local flora. And within that garden is the rose: Glendalough. Home to two beautiful lakes that give the area its Gaelic name, Glen Dá Lough (The Valley of The Two Lakes), the beauty of Glendalough is almost surreal.

This romantic valley is also home to a world-famous Monastic Settlement, with ruined churches, decorated crosses, and a majestic round tower. Founded in the 6th Century by St Kevin, this early Christian settlement served as a place of learning, and today serves as a place of pilgrimage for those of us who enjoy history and nature.

Learning about the land, its people, its history, and about each other is why we love taking walks with small groups in Wicklow. Sharing this timeless beauty with like-minded folks has been our beloved pastime for some three decades now, and the joy we get from these days out in Wicklow is just as timeless as this natural beauty.

A reflected view of the Upper Lake in Glendalough | Footfalls Walking Holidays in Wicklow Ireland
St Kevins & Round Tower in Glendalough | Footfalls Walking Holidays in Wicklow Ireland

Flora and Fauna to Spot During Walks in Glendalough

The beautiful region of Glendalough is home to everything from wild sika deer to foxes, badgers, feral goats, and much more. For our birdwatching friends, it is home to a pair of peregrine falcons — the fastest animal on the planet — as well as wild ducks, ravens, and much, much more.

Wicklow might be known as “The Garden of Ireland” but Glendalough is the rose in the garden because of its huge variety of wildflowers.

From bluebells to yellow gorse, from purple heather to green lichen, the colours of Glendalough offer a prism through which we can explore nature and give ourselves a moment to slow down in appreciation.

Whether you’re a keen birdwatcher or you’re cooped-up on your computer all day long…getting outdoors in Glendalough is a feast for the senses. We’ll listen to the birdsong and smell the faint coconut of gorse bushes in late spring; we’ll feel the spongy moss underfoot and see the sloping glen through which the ice forged an undulating path over millions of years. 

Walking in Glendalough is a spellbinding day out for everyone!

Three hikers standing in and admiring a field of Bluebells in Wicklow Ireland with Footfalls Walking Holidays

Local Advice for Visiting Wicklow and Walking in Glendalough

If you’re keen to visit Wicklow for a walking tour, we have a few suggestions to make your trip a delight.

First of all, we highly recommend you stay a few nights in the area. While it’s easy to stop for a half-day walk in Wicklow for an escape from the city or during a fast-paced Ireland tour, slowing down and enjoying a more relaxed pace certainly yields greater benefits.

Especially if you’re doing the typical whirlwind trip all around Ireland, we recommend you slow down for a few days and stretch your legs in Wicklow. Walk in our stunning wild nature to experience the real Ireland during your visit.

If you can stay at least two nights in the Wicklow area, you’ll enjoy a truly refreshing escape surrounded by natural beauty.

As for the walks themselves, Glendalough offers quite a variety of trail options at varying difficulty levels. We always advise pacing yourself and taking a slower approach to better enjoy the adventure. In fact, we might be known for taking the slow route and a few detours along the way, especially in lovely weather!

When you join one of our guided day walks, it’s a chance to truly relax and really appreciate the moment. We take care of everything so you can simply enjoy the views, forget the stress, and bask in the natural beauty of Wicklow.

As we like to say, “If you want to run a marathon, then go run a marathon…but don’t come near us.”

Two hikers walking away from the camera amidst the green vast landscape of Wicklow Mountains National Park in Ireland on a tour with Footfalls Walking Holidays

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