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Best Ireland Hiking Tours for Beginners

Ireland is truly one of the most extraordinary countries for nature lovers. Its nickname, Emerald Island, accurately describes how beautiful this place is. Filled with natural wonders, this country is very attractive for travellers from around the world, especially the ones who enjoy outdoor activities. Mountains, hills, glorious cliffs, and a stunning coast make it challenging to decide what locations to see on your first visit to Ireland. This country is perfect for hikers of all fitness levels. Here are the best Ireland hiking tours for beginners to help you choose the most suitable hiking experience. This way, you’ll be able to grasp the island’s true beauty even without too much hiking experience

Why is hiking a great hobby?

Besides allowing you to explore Ireland on foot, hiking has several benefits. Once you discover all the advantages of this fantastic activity, you’ll probably try to do it more often than you think. The reasons why hiking is excellent for you:
It makes you feel good – spending time outside enjoying beautiful views affects your mood, as well as your mental health. Hiking is proven to make people happy and positively affects their mental state.
It’s great for your body – hiking is a hobby that activates your whole body, ensuring you stay in shape and feel better about yourself. Walking also positively affects your health, as you stay active while breathing fresh air and enjoying the view.
It’s a valuable and inexpensive experience – exploring nature by hiking is an experience you’ll remember forever, and you don’t need to spend much money on it.

You can bond with your special someone – the beauty of hiking is that you get to choose your hiking buddy. This can be your friend, spouse, or another family member. It’s an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time together and reconnect. And remember, this can also be a great chance to spend some time with you on your own, sort your thoughts and make this hiking experience a therapy session to relax and enjoy yourself.

Where to go hiking in Ireland? Best tours for beginners

Even though Ireland’s nature offers more complex hiking trails for advanced participants, there are some great options for those who don’t have a lot of experience. Here are the best Ireland hiking tours for beginners.

Glendalough Spinc Walk, County Wicklow

This hiking trail is perfect for those staying in Dublin, as it’s just one hour away from the city centre. This amazing trail is ideal for beginners and ensures impressive views of the Wicklow forestry area. You can start your walk from the Glendalough Medieval Monastic site and follow the path marked with a bridge to the Miners’ village. This route includes views of waterfalls, glacial valleys, and lakes. It takes about 4 hours to finish. However, be sure to wear suitable shoes – there are some very rocky and steep parts.

Fun Fact:

This trail is the most common option for foreign visitors, especially after moving to the Dublin area. Many US residents decided to make Ireland their home, and Dublin is one of the most popular choices. If you’re planning to relocate to Emerald Island, make sure you start planning on time, but also let experts get you here with ease. Once you’re safely settled down in Dublin, you can begin with hiking explorations of this fantastic part of the country.

County Claire is home to the most breathtaking views and home to one of the best Ireland hiking tours for beginners.

Cliffs of Moher Coastal Walk, County Claire

If you want to grasp the true beauty of Ireland’s coast, then the Cliffs of Moher walk is perfect for you. This trail is about 16km long and includes breathtaking views of Galway Bay, Doolin, and the Aran Islands. It takes about 6 hours to finish, and you can go from Doolin to Liscannor. However, even though this trail is beginner-friendly, there are some dangerous cliff paths. Therefore, it’s important to follow the safety instructions and carefully pick the season to do it. Coastal weather is somewhat unpredictable, and strong wind, rain, and fog are pretty standard. However, all the effort is worth it – you’ll never forget these astonishing views of the North Atlantic.

Queen Maeve Trail, County Sligo

This is a rather romantic trail perfect for couples that want to enjoy nature together without much effort. It’s about 3km long and leads to the summit of Knocknarea Mountain, which stands 320m above sea level and ensures fantastic views of the surrounding counties. It’s a perfect representation of the natural beauty in Sligo County, so it’s a trail you shouldn’t miss if you’re visiting this part of Ireland. This trail is a mix of history and nature, and you’ll undoubtedly have a great time accomplishing it.

Hiking for couples – why not?

Dursey Island Hike, County Cork

The Beara Peninsula is famous for the longest hiking trail in Ireland, yet there’s more to this place for beginners. Dursey Island Hike is excellent for inexperienced hikers, as it takes a couple of hours to finish. What’s unique about this trail is that it takes you back in time. There’s nothing more than nature around you, so you can enjoy some peace and quiet surrounded by wildlife.

Final words

These Ireland hiking tours for beginners are great as you can easily organize your own hiking adventure. However, for a more challenging hiking trip, you can always be part of a guided tour. This will ensure a complete and safe experience and make sure you enjoy Ireland’s true natural beauties in the best way possible. Choose tours according to your liking and fitness level, and make the most out of this exciting adventure.